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Einweihung der neuen Klassenräume für die Vorschule Timau

Kategorie: Spendenverwendung - Mai 30th, 22

Nach einigen Verzögerungen aufgrund schwieriger Geländesituation konnte pünktlich zum Schuljahresbeginn im Mai 2022 die neuen Klassenräume für die Vorschule in Timau eingeweiht werden. Herzlichen Dank an alle, die zur Finanzierung beigetragen haben!!

Vorschulleiterin Losaline und Eltern in den neuen Klassenräumen

Unser Projektmanager und Bauleiter Francis hat hierzu einen detailierten Bericht geschickt:

Early year education is one of the most embraced occasions in one’s life. I recall when I was of age to go to school and my single mother had made preparations for me to attend school things were different. The thought of having my school bag, a pencil, and some exercise books were very overwhelming. The biting cold in the early morning and the 3.5 km walks to the nearest available school (we had only two public schools) were nothing compared to the excitement of attending school. The shoeless feet were only covered by a thin layer of milking jerry to prevent cracking caused by the morning dew on the dirty footpath to school. My guess is that the milking jerry also prevented cold. Sometimes we could use the engine oil we collected from the remains of the containers used by motorists in the fueling stations. To arrive in time one had to keep pace with the older boys and girls who were accustomed to this setup.

No porridge or food was offered and for the lucky ones, you had packed food from what was left in the previous night’s meal. Mine was a different story, mostly I would do it on an empty stomach until I was back home by 3 pm. Circumstances and conditions had hardened us and it was normal for everyone.

Neue Klassenräume mit Regenwassersammlung – bisher musste das Wasser aus dem Fluss geholt werden

Our mud-walled classrooms had a dusty floor, whereby we carried water in small containers to put down the dust as we swept with bush twigs.  Sometimes we used to sprinkle wood ash on the floor to keep fleas away.

Today the story is different, the population has multiplied, more schools have come up, and transportation methods have improved. Some can use private means, hired motorcycles, school buses, or even have the children board. Parents have a good choice to take their children depending on their financial capacity and their priority. Classrooms have also improved a lot.

Unfortunately, the hustlers, farmhands, slum dwellers, those running from broken families, parents of unkind fate, and mostly those who live from hands to mouth have very few choices. For children to start their school life; parents must scramble for space in the public schools. Desperate men and women move from one school to the other in hope of getting “help” or “favour” for a slot. Finally, when all is done they say grace and are optimistic that the children’s education journey will be fruitful.

zwei Vorschuljungs nutzen die Wartezeit zum Gedankenaustausch – im Hintergrund der Gipfel des Mount Kenya

Timau has five main slums or so-called informal settlements. Kongoni, Mukuri, Riverside, Kwa Joshua and Kairiri.  These areas are the main focus. This does not include the town area where an estimate of 1500 people resides. The population in these villages is more than 8,000 people. These big congested areas do not have enough social infrastructure. Despite the government input to put up with these demanding challenges, an extra hand is very necessary to alleviate the situation to become more hospitable.

Timau primary school is within good proximity for children who live around the areas of concern, it has a population of over 1100 children, twenty-six (26) government-employed teachers, three (3) parents employed teachers, 0ne special class pro-A-kids paid teacher and over a 100 kids beginning their academic life.

The main target was to decongest the one classroom housing the 106 kids and divided with a cardboard wall to fit the two levels of early learning. Three teachers shared the class measuring 20 feet by 30 feet. The request for classrooms from the class teachers and the head teacher to the pro-A-kids organization prompted quick action. The organization management took the request, deliberated on the seriousness, raised funds and work to build new classrooms commenced. This project stretched the budget too far, there were increment in building materials, increment in the cost of building materials, change of design for the classroom to fit the rocky sloppy site and other unforeseen challenges.

Eltern bei der Eröffnungsansprache

Eventually the classrooms were finished and ready for use, on the handing over date it was easy to see the jovial parents faces as they washed the dust inside the classes, the chants and ululations marked the heartfelt feelings inside them. Words were short and listening to the side talks I could tell they were very happy. The head teacher while leading the three class teachers welcomed the new parents and guided them on the school rules and regulations including the maintenance of the donated classes. Her gratitude to the donors was very sentimental. She said „Thank you for your hand on this project. You have been invaluable. We all noticed and appreciate your efforts.”

Kinanu a parent and a former pupil in the school commented  “Our children will travel shorter distance, won’t squeeze during lessons, all this credited to the sponsors, they won’t have to use leaking dusty classes as I used in this school” this was echoed by the other parents who gave their opinions on the new classrooms

Florence one of the teachers said, “we have now reduced congestion, and there will be easy access to the learners”. Her fellow teacher Penina added that “we will now be very motivated and will have enough space for learners to move about”.  Losaline the third teacher was not left behind and told the parents “we promise there will be better performance as each teacher puts her best to have better learners”.

Despite the fact that more classrooms are needed to accommodate children in the areas of concern this particular project will be embedded in the hearts of many.

auch die Väter nehmen großen Anteil an der Schulerziehung und arbeiten oft hart, um die Kosten aufzubringen

For Elke, Margit, and the leadership, I cannot take for granted the efforts used to raise the money from the donors, it is no easy task even though it´s the visible work that mostly gets the attention. The energy behind it is normally ignored but not in this case where it is very visible. The impact and power of this gift cannot be put in words.

Our esteemed donors: It is with great joy I write to you about the impact of this gift, together we are making a great difference, your continued support of our mission is deeply gratifying to us, and I hope it does the same to you. Pro-A-kids greatly appreciate your donation and your sacrifice. The support you have given has helped us to feed children for fifteen years, act on emergency donations like the Covid mitigation in 2020, build classrooms, dining, and toilets in Kongoni, have a drip-irrigated kitchen garden at Kongoni school, support special class in Timau Primary, offer regular training to our staff and cater for the environment among the priceless value added to people’s lives.

My pledge and plea is that whenever there is a possibility to build more classrooms let it be undertaken, I have the opinion that to have freedom from all forms of life adversities, good early education is a pre-requisite, no one can foretell what difference these kids will impact in this world.

Thank you and God bless!!

Francis Wambugu,

Project manager